To architect online experiences that maintain visitors in a transient environment requires an elegant, effective, and efficient approach.

Whether a customer or staff member, a visitor has the last word on the success of a website. Unpleasant online experiences can turn people away for good. In the consumer retail sphere, shoppers will head to a competitor. In a productivity application, people won't use it.

crafting interactions

The most basic role of a system is to enable performing a set of tasks. Our layouts are designed for maximum quality and quantity of task execution.

We apply rigorous usability testing, interface optimization, and quality assurance testing:

  • definition of user flow and site content
  • development of navigational structures for user experiences
  • layout of content diagrams
  • storyboard of narrative structures
  • clickstream analysis
  • design of schematic layouts
  • creation of navigational prototypes

information architecture

An extraordinary amount of information is stored in digital format. How efficiently is it organized?

Supported by experience, sdbase employs proven methodologies to develop sustainable and usable information architectures and simple yet secure access to data.